pelaburan bertanggungjawab pelaburan bertanggungjawabFD adalah alat yang kompleks dan risiko kehilangan wang dengan cepat disebabkan oleh leverage. 83.39% daripada pelabur runcit kehilangan wang dengan pembekal ini. Pertimbangkan sama ada anda memahami bagaimana CFD berfungsi dan sama ada anda mampu untuk membayar risiko.

What commissions will I be charged for trading?

On the FxPro MT4 Raw Spread account, spreads on FX & Metals are very low without any mark-up, and there is a commission of $3.50 charged per lot when you open and when you close the position. On cTrader accounts, when trading FX & Metals, there is a commission fee of 35USD for every 1 million USD traded upon opening a position and 35USD upon closing the position. However, the spreads on cTrader are lower than those of other account types.
All other instruments on the above account types are with floating spread and zero commission.

On all other FxPro, MT4 & MT5 accounts, we do not charge any commission on any instruments. You are only charged the spread, on which we apply a small mark-up (and any applicable swap charges). The same applies to Spread betting accounts for UK clients.
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