London Stock Exchange Group PLC share price

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London Stock Exchange Group PLC live chart

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How we execute Share CFDs

When you open a share CFD position with us, it will be aggregated and matched with other FxPro clients’ positions in the same market. Any excess exposure from our predefined in-house limits is hedged with our liquidity providers.

Minimum Trade size

The minimum trade size for Shares CFDs is 1 (one share), after which the minimum step increase is 0.01 share. (i.e. you cannot enter 0.9 shares of Apple, but you can enter 1.01)

Corporate Actions

Stock CFDs are not physical shares thus do not hold any voting rights. Price adjustments may be applied to eliminate the impact on clients’ trading accounts from a corporate action. Margin requirements may be subject to change before earnings announcements or any corporate action.


Swap rates are calculated based on the interbank rate of the underlying stock’s base currency plus/minus a mark-up (FxPro interest). For example, long positions will be charged with the relevant interbank rate plus the mark-up, while short positions will receive the relevant interbank rate minus the mark-up and borrow fee (depending on the short interest of the underlying stock).

Trading hours

Trading hours for shares are defined by the market hours of the relevant exchange. However, please note that FxPro shall delay market opening by 1 minute and close early by 1 minute to avoid the increased spreads witnessed during these times. Therefore the trading times are as follows:

UK/European Shares: 08:01-16:29
American Shares: 14:31 to 20:59
*UK time


Dividends If you hold an open position on shares or Indices at the start of the business day (Server Time 00:00), which coincides with the ex-date of the respective underlying asset, a dividend is paid (or charged in the case of short positions). For Buy positions, the payment will be net of any withholding tax implications.
Withholding taxes depend on the country where the stock is domiciled, and clients are responsible for reporting withholding taxes in their respective country of residence.

Di FxPro, pelanggan berpeluang melabur dalam pasaran kewangan yang besar dengan London Stock Exchange. Tunjangan penting dalam infrastruktur pasaran kewangan global, London Stock Exchange merupakan pemain utama dalam dunia pelaburan. Ditubuhkan pada tahun 1698, organisasi lama ini mempunyai 317 tahun perniagaan yang berjaya, sejarah pendapatan yang menguntungkan dan portfolio penuh pendapatan yang boleh dipercayai. Jika anda mencari penukaran yang sempurna untuk portfolio anda, ini mungkin idea yang baik untuk anda. Dagangan saham London Stock Exchange dengan FxPro.